Dee on Stern?

Image Yes, Dee was asked to be a guest on the Howard Stern Show again, after 5 years of no communication with Howard. Hopefully Dee & Howard will be able put some unresolved issued in the past. 

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006:

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From (02.03.06):


Twenty minutes into the show, Howard called in. Howard said that Gary’s memory amazes him and that he likes hearing about what goes on outside of the studio during and after the show. Howard then asked Gary if he knew what Dee Snider was doing in the SIRIUS building yesterday, which Gary didn’t. Howard went on to say that he and Dee used to be friends, but that their relationship soured when Dee got his own morning show in Hartford, Conn., which was one of Howard’s old markets. Howard mentioned that Dee asked him if he should take the gig before he accepted the offer and that he told Dee he should, noting that he would never keep someone from working.

However, Howard admitted that his opinion about Dee changed shortly thereafter because he and Dee were then in direct competition with one another. Howard added that he still liked Dee a great deal, but that he also wasn’t going to encourage people to listen to Dee’s show over his own. Howard went on to say that one of the best aspects of SIRIUS is that he can now work with hosts like Bubba the Love Sponge instead of going against them.


Howard noted that, about a year ago, Dee’s wife, Suzette, called him to try to patch up their relationship. Although Howard acknowledged now that he should’ve gotten together with Dee and Suzette, he commented that he decided not to when she contacted him. Ralph responded that Howard must have felt bummed out because of Dee’s decision to take a show that ran at the same time as his, especially given their friendship. Howard agreed with Ralph’s assessment, but insisted that he’s no longer upset and would like to have Dee back on the show. Howard also admitted that there’s a chance his opinion about the situation was wrong, which is another reason he’d like to have a discussion with Dee on the air.

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