Dee is selling his 1969 Mustang!

Dee Snider's 1969 Boss 302 Mustang - VIN #9F02G196961 

Dee Snider has owned this car for over 25 years. It was originally discovered by Dee's brother Frank as a basket case in 1979, missing the original Boss motor. Dee spent the next five years, collecting original replacement parts for the cars eventual restoration. When he struck oil in 1984 he finally had the resources to get his "baby" (Dee has the pistons of his Boss lovingly tattooed on his arm.) properly restored. 

While on a lengthy 13 month tour of the world, Dee reached out to restoration master Randy D'Alessio of Superstang in Rochester, NY and Boss motor, master builder Denny Aldridge of Aldridge Motorsports aka "Boss City" in Portland, Oregon. Randy's mission was to restore the car to its original beauty, bearing in mind that Dee intended to "cruise" this car, not trailer it around. As far as the motor went, Dee and Denny knew that the original Boss motors had certain "limitations." The plan was for Denny to build Dee an original, Boss engine from NOS parts, but make it "bullet proof"--as Denny likes to say--so that it really could be driven. And drive Dee did. Featured in a number of car magazines (including Super Ford), Dee's Boss was seen on his 80's MTV series "Heavy Metal Mania" and in Twisted Sister's "Hot Love" video. In 1989, Dee loaned his car to the Gast Museum in Lansing, PA where it was put on display, along side dozens of other quality antique, exotic and muscle cars, for 10 years while Dee went through a series of physical moves and career changes. In 1999, Dee finally settled down and reclaimed his prize. In 2000, Dee decided to upgrade the suspension and steering on the car to a more "performance" oriented set up. This work was done by the renowned Mustang experts "Mustangs Unlimited" in Connecticut. (Dee was sure to retain all the original suspension and steering pieces including the very rare and working "rim blow" steering wheel.) For the last seven years "The Boss" has been registered and on the road. It was most recently featured in VH1's reality special on Dee Snider and his family, "Meet the Family" and on MTV's legendary show "Cribs". After 27 years of ownership, Dee has decided its time to part with his "baby." Says Dee, "This car was built to be taken out, shown off and driven. Due to other interests in my private life (motorcycles), The Boss sits for months on end in the garage. These legendary vehicles should be shared with the world and I want someone to own it who will truly enjoy the magic of this bygone era!" If your looking for a piece of pony car history, with a story to tell, that you can actually get in and drive...then this is the car for you!

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