Dee Chat Rules

  • To login to the chat, use your Member username and password.Once Dee enters the chat room...please wait your turn. Cooch or any other Moderator will go down the list and call your name to chat with Dee next.If you see you are next on the list...please have your question already once your name is called all you need to do is send the question. If you take too will be skipped over.If you miss your turn...we will come back to you after we go through the entire list.
  • Anyone not waiting their turn will be warned. The second time you will be ejected from the chat. The third time you will be banned from the chat.
  • Anyone stepping out of line will be warned. The second time you will be banned from the chat.
  • Anyone attempting to impersonate Dee, the Moderators, or a band or crew member from any of Dee's bands will be banned for life.

If you experience difficulty entering the chat room, it may be one, or a combination, of many issues. Here are a few of the most common:

  • You need to install the latest version of the Flash Player.
  • Your computer's processor is too slow.
  • Your browser is too old. Install the latest version.
  • You need to install more RAM in your computer.
  • Your internet connection is too slow or is not constantly connected.
  • We may have reached our limit - the chat is first come, first serve. Keep trying, as people leave, free space will open up.

Some of you may be experiencing difficulty logging in as a Member of the site. Some of the reasons may be:

  • You didn't activate your account. You must enter a valid email address to click the link that is emailed to you. This is to verify who you are. With some email services (like AO-Hell), you may not be able to click on the entire link, it is only partially clickable. In this case, you will need to copy and paste the ENTIRE address into the address bar of your browser. Sometimes there may be spaces in the address. Make sure you delte all spaces before clicking GO or ENTER.
  • You Username & Password are CASE SENSITIVE. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is not on.
  • If you have a very old browser, this can also cause issues.

Also - do yourself a favor and join the site to test out the chat room long before the scheduled chat. The worst time to test that it works is during a scheduled chat. The Moderators do not have time to assist or advise you since they are busy in the chat.


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