Growing Up Twisted on Bio Channel & iTunes

Growing Up TwistedJune 6th at 10 and 10.30 PM, Growing Up Twisted will be airing on the Bio Channel. You can also download any of the episodes on iTunes, see the links to the right for direct access.
An undeniable presence in the 1980s, Dee Snider is instantly recognizable as the front man of heavy metal band Twisted Sister. But really, he’s just one of six – a regular guy navigating life in the suburbs of New York with his powerhouse wife, Suzette, and their four kids. They are an off-beat but tight-knit family with children who are fiercely independent and strong-willed: Jesse is an aspiring rock musician, husband and new father; Shane is the resident comic; Cody’s a budding filmmaker; and Cheyenne is daddy’s little girl, making the tough transition to teenager. They’re a rock-solid family of unique individuals not afraid to speak their minds. Despite their father’s rock star status, they are just like every other family… only not at all.

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