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Now Is the Time for Strangeland 2

Since 've been in the business, I’ve been writing about a sequel to Dee Snider’s Strangeland. For those history buffs out there, Strangeland 2 was greenlit back in 1997 before the first one came out. A script was written, and the powers-that-be were in the earliest stages of pre-production when the production company got indicted by the federal government.

Since then it’s been a slog to get the film going again.

Snider took to his own Facebook page over the weekend and posted a short video, which was home to an update of sorts on the progress of the film.

"[I'm] gearing up to hopefully go into production with Strangeland 2. I know I’ve talked about this for twenty years. I sound like a broken record. And I hate even saying it out loud, cause you’ve had so many disappointments with this project. But it’s feeling like now is the time. Feeling like this is gonna happen this time around – I’ve also said that before, so don’t hold me to this.”

One year after Carleton Hendricks, aka Captain Howdy’s (Dee Snider), sadistic rampage, much more than the physical scars the schizophrenic, sexual sadist gave his victims are left behind. Their lives destroyed by emotional torment and the media frenzy surrounding the crimes, Detective Mike Gage; his daughter, Genevieve; and vigilante Jackson Roth (Robert Englund) each have their crosses to bear. But when the badly burned and mentally broken Carlton Hendricks is taken from a state-run mental hospital and off his medication by billionaire media mogul Morgan LaForce, leader of the body modification/fetish haven called “The Torture Garden,” the door swings wide open for each of Captain Howdy’s victims to find closure… and retribution.

Stay tuned, kids! Captain Howdy will surface again one way or the other. One can hope, right?

Courtesy of Steve Barton for Dread Central

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