Dee and Baz Skiing

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Dee and Baz SkiingGiven the eternally hot temperatures in Hell, one would think that a ski resort in Vermont would not be an appropriate place to make the “devil horns” sign. However, Dee Snider, always one to do the unexpected, thinks otherwise, and it’s our Pic of the Week.

On Friday (March 15), Snider tweeted, “Me and Sebastian Bach skiing incognito today. Yeah…we blend!” Such “blending” includes metal-appropriate winter gear. The Twisted Sister frontman is wearing a skull mask, while Bach’s famously long locks are (partially) being covered by a hat with a fake claw attached. We suspect that the aerodynamic properties of the hat while on the slopes are largely non-existent.

Snider and Bach are at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vt. as special guests of Yukon Kornelius, a cover band supergroup composed of members of Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies and Guster. Snider has appeared with them on several occasions.

Snider’s also tweeted that his family has joined him for the weekend. As it turns out, Friday was also Snider’s 58th birthday.

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