Dee's Challenger T/A

Courtesy of by Diego Rosenberg

Dee Snider Challenger T/ALast Friday, while biking to Brooklyn from Manhattan, my dad called me. I was on Broadway in SoHo, so I stopped at a corner and chatted with him for a few minutes until this purple Dodge Challenger approached me at the turn. It was one of the cooler Challys I had seen in recent memory, so it caught my eye like others haven't in the past. Despite the tinted windows, I managed to catch a glimpse of the driver's face and thought, "Hmm . . . is that . . ?" Then I looked to the rear as it turned from Broadway and saw the license plate that said WIDOWMAKER. That's when I knew it was Dee Snider, former singer of Twisted Sister, free speech advocate, House of Hair deejay and, apparently, Celebrity Apprentice. I told Dad, "Hey, I gotta go . . . [click]" and gave chase. Two blocks later I was able to catch up to him but he wouldn't step out.

Can you blame him?


Dee Snider Challenger T/A

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