The Voice top 8 Recap: What a Wicked Game To Play

Let me just preface this recap by emphatically stating that, with the possible exception of Adam Cunningham, none of the current finalists on The VoiceSeason 13 — one of the most talent-packed seasons in the series’ history — deserve to go home this soon. On Tuesday’s brutal results show, which I have not-so-affectionately nicknamed the “Red Chair Wedding,” four of the very gifted top eight will be eliminated in one fell swoop — and, for lack of a more eloquent way of wording it, that is going to suck.

Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)

Chloe claimed she was aiming for “a ‘Landslide’ moment meets ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ moment” tonight — setting expectations sky-high by referencing her two best performances of the season. I don’t think it was totally possible for her to pull that off with Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is,” since last season’s indie-pop maverick (and one of the best Voice contestants of all time), Hunter Plake, had such a mgical moment with it so recently. However, assessed on its own merits, this was a compelling showcase for Chloe’s rawness and vulnerability.

Taking the stage in Dee Snider ringlets and disco-diva sequins, Chloe looked like a long-lost Wilson sister, but her fearless, stripped-down performance was more heart than Heart. Her trademark rasp, which was more pronounced this week, made the song sound pained, almost angry, as if she were voicing her frustration over not being able to find true love. You know, the sort of frustration I’ll be feeling if Chloe isn’t in the finale. But I am pretty confident that she will be, and her coach was confident this Monday as well.

“I want to go on record right now. Chloe, this is the biggest night you’ve had on this show so far,” proclaimed Blake. “That’s the best performance that you’ve had. America, listen to me: If you recorded this [episode], rewind that performance and listen to her sing it again and tell me that’s not the most iconic voice we’ve ever had on this show.”

Written by J Cooch Lucchese. Posted in Latest