DetropiaDetropia is truly a labor of love, over 3 years in the making. In 2009 Heidi  - a native Detroiter -  and Rachel (both friends of Dee) set out to explore the rise and fall (and rise again?) of one of America's most iconic cities, the birthplace of the middle class, a former "Utopia" of innovation and ideas. Our documentary aspires to be a tale of two cities, a place that's seen both the best and worst of times and now must make its way forward in the modern world.

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Dee Jams Skid Row With Sebastian Bach

Dee & BazSebastian Bach played the Sweden Rock Festival Thursday night, and had a little help along the way.

Sebastian was joined by Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider for the Skid Row cut, "Youth Gone Wild." Watch the video HERE.

Bach is currently on the road promoting his latest effort, "Kicking & Screaming."


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