Mark Weiss's Rock Scene Auction - Eddie Trunk Talks About His Early Days

A “scholar of metal and all that rocks!”, Eddie Trunk got his first taste of “heavy music” around the age of ten. A band called the Raspberries was playing on A.M. radio.  Eddie was immediately hooked and had his parents buy him all four of their records. It was all Raspberries all the time for him until a year later. Eddie was walking home from Junior high school with a friend. As they passed the local record store, ‘Scotty’s Records’, his friend asked if he wanted to go in while he bought a record, to which his friend replied, “I’m going in to buy a record by this band called Kiss.” Until this point, Eddie had never heard of Kiss. He was intrigued. He asked his friend, “which one are you going to buy?” His friend said, “I’m going to buy the new one, Rock & Roll Over.” He proceeded to give Eddie a little ‘coaching’. He told him to buy another one since Rock & Roll Over had just come out & he wasn’t sure how ‘it was’. Eddie took his friend’s advice and bought Destroyer.

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