11th Annual Dee Snider's Ride

Dee Snider's Ride to Fight HungerDate: Sunday, September 8, 2013
Where: Lido Beach Park , Long Island NY
Registration: opens at 9:00am
Kick Stands Up: 11:00
Run STARTS and ENDS: Lido Beach Park. Enjoy the scenic route on Ocean Beach Parkway, ride over the Robert Moses Bridge and loop back to Lido Beach Park.

To my loyal ride supporters,

Like so many of you, my ride committee and I were deeply affected by the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy on Long Island. To see so many brave Long Islanders so desperately in need touched us all. I was not surprised to see so many Strong Island heroes stepping up and helping others.

Seeing this need in my own “backyard” so to speak, made me realize that even without Sandy, there is so much work to be done right here at home. To that end, I decided, after 10 years of raising money for the March of Dimes on Long Island (and 14 years of MOD work all over the country), that I wanted to change the cause that I rode for, and start raising money to help our friends and neighbors in need.

Don’t get me wrong, the March of Dimes is an incredible organization that I will always support. Their work for babies in need is unparalleled. I just felt it was time to use my efforts to help people where I live have a better life.

I’m pleased to say that my entire ride committee has joined me and all are equally passionate about helping other Long Islanders.  This is an incredible group of people who work tirelessly and I thank them for their continued support for both myself and the ride.

In looking for a cause to back, I discovered Long Island Cares/The Harry Chapin Foundation. They have not only been working to feed the hungry on Long Island for more than 30 years, but they really stepped up and went beyond their original mission statement to help Long Islanders so desperately in need after the super storm. While I had heard of the foundation, I really knew little about what they did, but have now learned the truth about this incredible organization founded by he late music legend, Harry Chapin. 11% of all Long Islanders are in need of assistance finding food to eat, and LI Cares does their damnedest to feed them all!

This September 8th will be my 11th annual ride and “Dee Snider’s Ride to Fight Hunger on Long Island” will benefit LI Cares. My committee and I couldn’t be happier and we hope you will ride with us for this very important cause. I am fortunate to have never personally experienced true hunger in my entire life. I can only imagine how terrible it must be. In this land of plenty we live in, there is no reason even one person should go without, and with your help, LI Cares aims to make Harry Chapin’s dream a reality and see that every mouth is fed.

It will be the same ride you’ve experienced in years past, with the same biker brothers and sisters, but just be for a new charity that helps with a major problem so much closer to home for us all.

Ride for Life!

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