Bent Brother

The Legend Of Bent Brother…

Shortly after Twisted Sister performed without their makeup and stage clothes at the New York Steel benefit in November 2001, it appeared that the audience demanded a purer and less theatrical version of Twisted Sister. On that fateful night, 5 observers, who were also musicians and had unbelievably similar physical characteristics to each band member, decided that NOW was the time to form the ultimate Twisted Sister tribute band.

Together, these 5 musicians, who’s real names we’ll never know, dedicate the rest of their lives to looking and sounding exactly like their idols, Twisted Sister. They resemble the band musically and physically, so much, that it seems they actually match the real Twisted Sister member’s weight gains and losses on a daily basis. The 5 members of Bent Brother believe that beneath the theatrical, transvestite shell of Twisted Sister, lies the soul of a hard bitten biker/bar band. To that end, Bent Brother makes rare, but extremely heartfelt appearances in and around the tri-state area. To all hardcore Twisted Sister fans who are just a little pissed off that the band spends too much of their time playing in Europe…there are those who believe that Bent Brother is more “Twisted Sister” than even Twisted Sister itself… Upon seeing Bent Brother for the first time, Jay Jay French declared, “the guy who plays me looks more like Kiefer Sutherland than I do!”