SMFs Desperado




–BY DEE FUCKIN’ SNIDER [written winter ’95]

What next?

There’s a saying: “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”. I wish someone had made me really think about that before I started this long, strange trip. I’m beginning to feel like Jerry Garcia, except younger, thinner and not dead.

Every day I wake up and there’s another surprise waiting for me. Sometimes it’s a flaming bag o’ shit on my door step just waiting for me to stomp it out and other times it’s a cute & fuzzy bunny waiting for me to hug it and squeeze it to death.

This cute & fuzzy bunny originally came to me in the guise of a unexpected phone call from Robin Finck (sicko guitar player with Nine Inch Nails).

It seems that he and Twiggy (bass player for Marilyn Manson and a sick bastard in his own right) were on tour with their respective bands and came to the realization that they were both huge TWISTED SISTER fans. Having a day off between two shows at Madison Square Garden, they DEE-cided it might be a kick to do a set of Twisted covers at a local club in the East Village. Robin wanted to know if I would front this abomination, advertised only as “THE SICK MUTHA FUCKERS”. Well as you might expect, this was my idea of a good time so, I agreed, and armed only with an extended pre-show sound check, we pounded out a sassy set of SISTER classics to a packed house (somehow the word got out) of TWISTED fans and rock luminaries (Trent & NIN, Scott Ian of ANTHRAX, MARILYN MANSON, etc.). And a good time was had by all.

What next?

After stomping out the flaming bag o’ shit left on my doorstep known as the “WIDOWMAKER Stand By for Pain Tour and Album” (A great band and a great record with an unfortunately poor overall reception. Oh well, there’s always the next album.), I sat waiting for the next cute & fuzzy bunny to come a long. When none did, I DEE-cided to create my own.

After pilfering local pet cemeteries, I finally assembled enough pieces of ex-cute & fuzzy bunnies that I could build my own! Sure, it’s kind of stitched up and lopsided, only has one eye and appears to be in a lot of pain, but it is alive! IT IS ALIVE! IT IS ALIVE!!!!

Behold the birth of “DEE SNIDER’S SICK MUTHA FUCKERS”! (And it is good.) Surrounded by a killer band of card carrying S.M.F.’s. 

I am out playing 90 minutes of the best of TWISTED SISTER’S 5 albums (did I mention gold & platinum?), packing them in, DEE-lighting the crowd and leaving ’em “STILL HUNGRY” (get it?) for more.

What next?

Well, it appears there may be more cute & fuzzy bunnies on the horizon. As of this writing, a live SICK MUTHA FUCKERS CD has recently been released; sort of a tribute (to myself)/ DEE-revisits-his-Twisted-classics kind o’ thing.

By the way, WIDOWMAKER is still together. We are currently putting new material together and plan to head into the after shooting Strangeland. We’re looking for a summer release for our next album (tentatively titled “Let the Pain Begin”). Oh joy!

Oh well, gotta go. There’s a flaming bag ‘o shit on my doorstep in need of stomping. Besides, I’ve got to get back to my art. After all, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The art (and the money).

The SMFs have contributed a song to the recently-released goth/glam compilation CD called, “The Pink and The Black.”